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When reporting a gas leak, please provide:

  • name and surname of the caller, their address and phone number
  • description of the location of the fault as accurately as possible
  • the type of fault (gas leak, gas supply failure, faulty gas meter, etc.)

Reports of faults on gas installations and gas supply faults are received in priority on the telephone number 1239, which is operated by the GasNet Services dispatching centre 24/7.

  • the telephone number for reporting faults 1239 is valid throughout the Czech Republic
  • in the public telephone network, from a landline and from a mobile phone it is dialled without a prefix, just like the numbers of the fire brigade, the ambulance and the police
  • the cost of the call is charged according to the price list of the telecommunications service provider
  • all calls to this number are recorded on a recording device

The following faults can be reported to the number 1239:

  • failure of natural gas supply to the place of consumption
  • any leakage of natural gas
  • defects and malfunctions of gas equipment owned or used by GasNet - all equipment that is not a gas consumption facility: pipelines, gas connections, regulation stations, cathodic protection stations, etc.
  • defects in metering equipment (gas meter)

Important notice

GasNet's emergency line handles only gas supply failures, failures on GasNet-operated equipment and situations involving general hazards related to the operation of the gas network.

Failures on gas appliances and natural gas piping in homes are handled by the emergency service only to prevent further damage by closing the main gas shutoff. The emergency service does not provide repairs and maintenance of the gas consumer equipment.