What should you do when you smell gas? Call 1239.

  • Check the gas shut off valve Close all the gas valves, especially the main gas valve.
  • Don’t manipulate with fire Don’t use switches, put out all flames, prevent any sparks or flames, don’t smoke, don’t unplug electrical appliances.
  • Let the air in Open all doors and windows.
  • Leave the building Let your neighbours know and leave the building.
  • Call the emergency hotline If there is a possible gas leak in the building, leave the building and call 1239 immediately.

More safety

Online servis PDS

A web application that allows customers access to the data of the consumption locations that they have concluded a distribution agreement for, gives customers access to the invoice data for these consumption locations, allows customers to enter meter readings on their own or submit requests and claims.

Distribuce plynu online

Online gas distribution is a free application through which you can easily and from the comfort of your home communicate with the distribution system operator.