Information for Natural Gas Retailers

As a distribution company, the GasNet Group primarily provides its services to natural gas retailers. It operates gas infrastructure via which natural gas retailers provide their goods to their customers.

In addition, we provide natural gas retailers with the necessary information for properly invoicing their services. We monitor the values of combustion heat, the composition and the quality of the distributed gas. We identify consumption locations using EIC codes.

We communicate with retailers and deal with their day-to-day requirements quickly, using the Distribution System Operator’s on-line application (PDS website). We deal with the following for the natural gas retailers: connecting consumer locations, disconnecting consumers and non-payers and reading the gas consumption using measuring devices (gas meters).


Since GasNet is the exclusive and only gas distributor in the defined geographical area, the activity of the whole group is subject to regulation pursuant to the Czech Energy Regulatory Office and the valid Czech Energy Legislation.

The Office supervises the activities of the GasNet Group and also sets a regulated price for distribution at regular intervals.
If you are a retailer with a valid license for selling gas in the Czech Republic and you want to use our distribution to sell gas to final customers, don’t hesitate to contact us.