Terms of Purchase

Misconduct Prevention Program

At GasNet Group, we are aware of our responsibilities to our owners and employees, as well as to our customers and business partners. That's why we have a set of clear policies on how we conduct our business. These are set out in our core documents - the Code of Conduct for Employees and the Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

If you as a supplier have experienced a breach of the Code of Conduct, or if you have observed unethical or illegal behaviour, corruption, breach of internal regulations, fraud or discrimination on GasNet's part, please let us know and contact our Green Line.

Green Line

Do you suspect a violation of the Code of Conduct? Call the Green Line

You can submit complaints anonymously. The advantage of non-anonymous contact is that you can find out about the process and outcome of the investigation.

A non-anonymous complaint to the Green Line will, if you wish, remain anonymous to GasNet Group companies. In the case of a tender procedure, acceptance of a Green Line complaint has no suspensive effect.
All information about the investigation is treated as strictly confidential.