What we buy

GasNet purchases a variety of materials and services needed to support the operation of gas facilities. The purchasing portfolio is divided into two basic product types with detailed classification classes:

  • Core commodity: products for network operations and maintenance, construction, refurbishment, operation and maintenance of gas facilities, measurement technology
  • Non-core commodity: products for building operations and maintenance, vehicles, computing, consulting, HR services and marketing

How we buy

Our goal is a transparent purchasing process. We select suppliers through tenders with defined rules. We implement the selection procedures:

  • Outside the Public Procurement Act - electronically, as an electronic tender (eTender) or electronic auction (eAuction)

When purchasing, we prefer:

  • Catalogue purchasing - especially for non-stock materials with a large number of items and high turnover. The catalogue is imported from a web-based e-shop, which has a data interface to our purchasing system.
  • Automated orders - suitable for purchases of stock and non-stock materials and services with a low number of items and a minimum weekly turnaround.
  • Supplier Self Service - suitable for purchases of all items with no restrictions. Orders are stored in the web portal. Suppliers receive information about a new order, can view the order, confirm its fulfillment and transfer it to their system.