Emergency Hotline

To report a gas leak, please state the following:

  • The caller’s name, surname, address and telephone number
  • The most accurate description of the location of the breakdown
  • Type of breakdown (gas leak, gas supply outage, defective gas meter, etc.)

Breakdowns of gas devices and natural gas supply outages have top priority at phone number: 1239. You can call 24 hours a day. It is run by the GasNet Služby dispatch company.

  • Calling the 1239 emergency hotline to report breakdowns is possible from any public telephone network, landline or mobile phone directly, without dialling an area code all across the Czech Republic.
  • When reporting a breakdown, the caller is charged the same as making local call.
  • It’s just like calling the fire department, rescue services or the police.
  • All calls are recorded onto a recording device.

Call 1239 to report the following breakdowns:

  • A breakdown of the natural gas supply to the consumption location 
  • Any and all natural gas leaks 
  • Defects and breakdowns of the gas equipment owned or used by GasNet – all equipment that is not a consumer gas facility: gas pipelines, connections, pressure reduction stations, cathodic protection stations, etc. 
  • Breakdowns of measuring devices (gas meters)

Important Warning

The GasNet emergency hotline only deals with breakdowns of the natural gas supply, breakdowns of the devices operated by GasNet and situations associated with general risk in connection with operating a gas network.

The emergency hotline only deals with breakdowns of gas appliances and natural gas distribution in the household to the extent that it turns off the main gas valve to prevent further damage. The emergency hotline does not repair or service consumer gas facilities.