We believe in the future of gas

  • Europe is on the path towards decarbonisation and a sustainable economy. GasNet Group’s strategy has a clear goal: we want to be a pillar of modern and green energy. We are currently facing the largest transformation in energy and industry since the industrial revolution. The shift towards emission-free gases such as biomethane and hydrogen will undoubtably be very challenging. However, at GasNet, we see it as a huge opportunity.
  • We believe in the future of gas. In the context of the Czech Republic's energy mix, natural gas will play an important and irreplaceable role in reducing emissions, especially as a part of the move away from coal. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) will also play a key role in achieving the Czech Republic’s environmental goals in terms of decreasing emissions from road freight transport.
  • At the same time, we are preparing for the transition to green gases. We are betting on biomethane and hydrogen. Renewable biomethane is already flowing through our pipelines. However, we want to take better advantage of its potential. In the medium to long term we expect to introduce hydrogen. We have been intensively preparing our network for its distribution for a long time now. Our ambition is to only have emission-free hydrogen flowing through our pipelines by 2050.

Natural gas – Biomethane – Hydrogen. The medium changes with time, but the foundation of our robust and reliable gas infrastructure remains the same. We are working with others on this.

Our Challenges

Moving away from coal

Diverting from coal burning

We are connecting heating plants to gas as they transition away from coal. Compared to coal, natural gas has only half the CO2 emissions.

  • Natural gas has 53% lower CO2 emissions than coal.
  • Many harmful and carcinogenic substances are produced when coal is burned.
  • 4 million Czechs heat their homes using heat from heating plants.
  • 50% of heating plants burn coal and are responsible for 25% of all CO2 emissions in the Czech Republic.


We were the first distributor in the Czech Republic to connect a biomethane station to our network in 2019. Biomethane is a renewable source of energy that we can produce domestically from organic waste. As a result, it has a neutral carbon footprint. We would like to, and will, connect more biogas stations to our network. Domestically, biomethane has a lot of potential. It could replace up to 15% of local consumption of natural gas for heating and road transport by 2030.

Biomethane has the same properties as natural gas. Whatever works for natural gas also works for biomethane.


Our goal is truly green gas. As well as biomethane, we are also preparing for hydrogen blending.

  • There are no CO2 emissions when hydrogen is burned.
  • A flexible source of energy with a wide range of uses – industry, transportation, and household.
  • 60% of our local pipeline network is made up of polyethylene pipelines, which are ready for gas mixtures as well as hydrogen.


LNG, liquified natural gas, represents the optimal solution for reducing emissions in road freight transport. The GasNet Group is among the trailblazers of this technology in the Czech Republic. We currently operate three filling stations.

LNG is cost effective and also reduces the carbon footprint.