Our ESG Commitment

We are a socially responsible company with a strong emphasis on sustainability, the environment, and ethical management.

We promote digitalisation and use modern technologies because we believe that this is the way to sustainably develop our business.

We care about the future that we shape together with our employees and partners.

We are committed to helping communities and supporting diversity.

GasNet Group’s strategy in terms of ESG is built on four pillars, which are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We embody safety standards and heath protection.

We make no compromises when it comes to safety. We go above and beyond the legal requirements. We want to be the personification of safety standards. Our health and the health of society as a whole always comes first. GasNet equals safety.

Read more about what we have achieved and our goals for the future.

We believe in environmental sustainability and the future of gas

Europe is on the path towards decarbonisation and sustainable management. GasNet Group’s strategy has a clear goal: we want to be a pillar of modern and green energy. We believe in environmental sustainability and in the future of gas because the gas industry has a green and emission-free future. Today we are already preparing for this future.

Read more about our commitments and our key Green GasNet and Future of Gas programs.

We care about our people and the communities around us.

We believe in diversity. We support fairness and inclusivity in the workplace. Our people and our community are at the heart of our business.

Read more about how we support the community and about our approach to diversity.

We conduct business in a responsible and considerate way

Our Code of Ethics, a sophisticated corporate governance model, and strong risk and safety management show that we are aware of the impact our work has on our surroundings. We are committed to the UN Global Compact.

Read more about our ethical standards and management model.

ESG rating

In 2021, we received the first ESG rating from the global rating agency, Sustainalytics, which ranked GasNet among companies with low risk and high quality ESG management. Compared to other companies in the gas sector, GasNet was rated as the third best.

We want to become a leader in ESG among gas distribution companies.