New Connection

If you are considering natural gas for your household or company, the best thing to do is contact your selected natural gas retailers, who have a valid license in the Czech Republic. This retailer will guide you through the whole connection process. There are several steps that need to be taken, from the ways of using natural gas as a source of energy to commencing supplies, which vary depending on a number of individual conditions.

The following are all taken into considerations: the volume of gas consumed that you will need for your consumer gas facility, the location of your gas meter, the existence of the off-take point or the possible distance from the nearest gas pipeline.

GasNet alone does not build off-take points. The customer builds his own off-take points with the help of the technical parameters – third party companies that closely cooperate with GasNet, have the necessary technology and are able to meet the standardized requirements for its construction.

Once the connection is built, GasNet may decide to buy the connection, which means that GasNet will take over the future operations and safety from the customer. In addition, the connections have already been built in several locations, so the only thing left to do to connect a consumption location is renew the gas supply and install a gas meter. 

In terms of connection, we closely cooperate with local gas distribution systems, the heating sector and biogas stations, which produce biomethane, which is suitable for injecting into our distribution system.

Existing Connection

GasNet also makes changes to existing consumption locations. For example, if you change the composition of your consumption devices and it is necessary to ensure a higher gas supply capacity into your consumption location.

We also do meter readings of the gas consumption. We submit the data to your gas supplier, who then issues invoices based on this information.