The GasNet Group is also developing other segments that are not exactly part of the distribution company’s core business. We are developing the gas industry as a whole.

This for example includes issuing statements on the existence of a network and defining it. Just like any other network operator (water, data, electrical), we are also protecting our network from damage by third parties and we are protecting our customers from any possible emergency outages. Our statements are free of charge for construction companies and investors, so that we can provide them with clear information about where the gas pipelines lead prior to beginning excavation work. We then draw the course of the gas pipeline using a detector and a marker directly out in the field, on the construction site.

In support of the gas industry, we have lent a helping hand to heating plants that have stopped burning coal in connection with the European climate targets. Central heating plays an important role in the energy supply of Czech households and companies. Therefore, together with the heating plants, we have signed a memorandum, in which we undertake to help introduce gas to Czech heating plants.


LNG, liquified natural gas, represents the optimal solution for reducing emissions in road freight transport. The GasNet Group is among the trailblazers of this technology in the Czech Republic. We currently operate three filling stations.

LNG is cost effective and also reduces the carbon footprint.