How to become a Supplier

Conditions for inclusion in the contractor portfolio

For selected commodities, we work only with prequalified suppliers whose commercial and technical competence is verified as part of the prequalification process. Upon completion of the prequalification process, the candidate receives the designation of a prequalified supplier for a given category of contracts.

Prequalification for construction and projects of new gas installations and reconstruction of gas installations

If you meet the qualification requirements, you can fill in the registration form. Our staff will then provide you with the entry codes to the SLC (Supplier Lifecycle) system, where you must fill in a prequalification form and save the required information with copies of selected documents to verify your qualifications.

The time period for processing a prequalification application is usually 6 months from the date of submission of all required documents. By submitting a request for prequalification, the supplier agrees that the procuring authority has the right to ask for clarification or completion of the documents submitted and to request assistance in the inspection, both from the supplier and from other persons (persons issuing and/or confirming reference works), even during the period of inclusion of the supplier in the portfolio of prequalified suppliers. At the same time, the supplier agrees to verify the quality of the production plant.

A supplier who has not completed a contract of the relevant category for the procuring authority within the last 2 years from the date of submission of the request for inclusion, meeting the required qualification criteria, will be requested for the first so-called test contract for the relevant category. In case of satisfactory quality, the supplier will be awarded the status of prequalified supplier.

Any supplier who has not achieved the required quality, who has not cooperated in the verification of the facts stated, who has not submitted the required documents or who has provided false or incomplete information shall be excluded from the prequalification process. It will not be possible to reapply for prequalification until six months after the date of exclusion.

Supplier registration form