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Green Line

This line is not a regular customer service line to deal with complaints, queries or other customer communications related to the delivery of services (the Customer Help Line is used to deal with these situations)

Purpose of the Green Line

The Green Line can be contacted by employees of GasNet Group companies and third parties who wish to report suspected misconduct against GasNet Group interests:

  • unethical or illegal conduct
  • violation of the Code of Conduct
  • situations/conduct that the reporting party finds to be in violation of the law and/or the internal regulations of GasNet Group companies
  • threatening the interests of the GasNet Group in the Czech Republic
  • fraud
  • health and safety violations
  • discrimination
  • corruption

Misconduct can be reported via the following methods:

In person

Martin Dohnal, Compliance Officer

GasNet, Prosecká 855/68, Praha 9


Martin Dohnal, Compliance Officer

GasNet, Prosecká 855/68, Prague 9,

(mark the envelope visibly with the Do Not Open!)