Our Values


Safety is our way of life. It is the way we think, how we treat ourselves and our surroundings and the way we work. We anticipate risk. We follow the rules. We make no compromises. We want to embody health standards.

  • We act in accordance with the rules and procedures - without exception.
  • We prevent risks, we identify them, and we address them with corrective measures.
  • We create, support, and maintain a safe environment (physically and mentally).


Reliability is trust. Our word is our bond. This is the foundation for our mutual cooperation and the way we work. It is proof of our professionalism. It is the essence of the commitment we have to the millions of people who rely on us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • We do professional work, and we constantly develop in our field.
  • We honour agreements and complete tasks. We are not afraid to ask for help.
  • We take full responsibility for our work.


Respect expresses our regard for each other, customers, shareholders, partners, and our environment. Respect for people, for diversity, for the environment and respect for our shared future. We respect safety. We respect the rules. We respect the energy that we distribute. Without respect, there is no team. We build on teamwork.

  • We willingly and constructively engage in cooperation with others.
  • We respect different opinions and attitudes. We are interested in the people around us.
  • We behave considerately to the environment and our society.

Our Strategy

We care about health and about a common future. This is our firm belief, on which we build the five pillars of our strategy to achieve a clear goal.

We strive to be a pillar of modern and green energy.


We strive for a stable future.

Energy is a sector that needs long-term stability. Our company needs stability and our customers need it for their decision-making. It is essential for our employees, shareholders, partners, and suppliers. That is why we always push for rules of the game which will provide the foundation for a stable future.

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We believe in the future of gas.

Our future is connected to the future of gas. Gas will be a part of modern energy whether in in the form of natural gas or renewable forms such as biomethane, synthetic methane and hydrogen. We are therefore working to strengthen the position of gas in the energy market. We are preparing for the distribution of ‘green gases’. We are learning new skills. We are engaging with modern technologies and innovations.

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We are digitalising, simplifying, and becoming more effective.

Our world is changing dynamically. Our work is changing. New technologies and new materials are coming. The future presents a number of challenges that we want to face head-on. That’s why we are already changing the way we will do things tomorrow. We are constantly searching for ways to be more effective, to focus, and to make better use of our own strengths. We will embrace digitalisation. For us, digitalisation means the desire to change and improve. Information technology will help us automate and simplify routine activities. This will buy us more time and space to do what is truly important – ensuring a safe and reliable gas supply.

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We manage responsibly

We manage money and resources responsibly. Carefully and strategically planning our investments, expenses, and revenues is an integral part of our strategy.

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People are the key to our success.

Only we can fulfil what we believe. Together we will create a corporate culture which motivates, appreciates and entertains people. We want to be an attractive and stable employer for existing and future employees. This is the key to our success.

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